Application Process of TET Teachers Mutual transfer

In this post I have uploaded the online aaplication form for Mutual transfer of TET teachers in Assam. Here you will get the step by step process to fill up your online application form

So, If you are the lucky person and got your mutual pertner to go to your own place, then this page will help you.

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Before going to apply for online Mutual Transfer, you must keep ready the following information available with you.

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  1. Own 13-digit Teacher Code (as per HRMIS).
  2. Own valid personal mobile number in HRMIS web portal
  3. Own valid personal e-mail in HRMIS web portal
  4. 11-Digit school code of the other teacher with whom he/she intends to have mutual transfer.
  5. 13-Digit teacher code of the other teacher with whom he/she intends to have mutual transfer.
  6. The other teacher must have also valid personal mobile number in HRMIS web portal
  7. Teacher must ensure whether his/her post status(Regular-1/ Contractual-2/ Contractual(State Pool)-5 is correct in HRMIS
  8. Both applicants must have same Language-1 as per TET Mark sheet cum Certificate

If any of the above information is not available then the Block Mission Office, SSA, MIS officials may be contacted for support.

Visit APSC Notice Board here.

Process of Filling Online Application Form:

Before Login you need to Register yourself in the HRMIS Transfer page. I have given the link below for Registration in HRMIS. After clicking on the link, you will get the below page.

(If you have any correction (say, mobile number,email id, post status (Regular/ Contractual/ State Pool), Tet Certified Language-1etc .then immediately contact with Block Mission Office,SSA for rectification in HRMIS. After rectification in HRMIS you can proceed for filling of online.)

For the registration, you need to provide the following details-

  1. Enter your 13-Digit Teacher Code as per HRMIS.
  2. Click on the button to get your password in your mobile that was registered in HRMIS.
HRMIS Registration

Now you have created your profile on the website. So, you are eligible to log in to the Dashboard.

Here is the image of the login page. You have to log in giving the details you have just created on the registration page.

Mutual transfer login page

How to Apply by the 1st Applicant:

If you have got your partner for mutual transfer to your desired location, then one of you have to fill the application first. Then the secont applicant will accept your request. Read the full Mutual Transfer Policy here.

After logging in you can fill the application form. See the below image for more details.

how to fill the application form
  1. Enter your 13 digit teacher code and then press Enter Key.
    Now you will see your some basic information except some fields which are need to be entered by you.
  2. Enter Your Valid Mobile Number.
  3. Enter Your Valid Email ID.
  4.  Select TET Certified Language -1
  5. Select Reason for Mutual Transfer.
  6. Write brief note of Reason
  7.  Enter 11 digit UDISE Code of School of the Other Teacher with whom you want to have a mutual transfer and then Click Enter Key.
  8. Enter 13 digit HRMIS Teacher Code of the Other Teacher with whom you want to have a mutual transfer and then Click Enter Key.
  9. After Completion of Entry, Click on Submit Application.
how to fill the application form 2

After verifying the application form, click on “Confirm and Submit” Button if all are OK other wise click on Edit button.

How to Fill the Application by the 2nd Applicant:

  1. Click Accept Button if you(2nd Applicant) agree with 1st Applicant.
  2. Click Reject Button if you(2nd Applicant) do not agree with 1st Applicant.

You have accepted the invitastion made by the 1st applicant then provide the below data.

  1. Select TET Certified Language-1
  2. Click on I accept the request button.

Then you will get the below massage. See the image below.

2nd Applicant has already accepted the request of 1st applicant which was reflected on the table. After then 2nd Applicant need to click on Log out, i.e. 2nd applicant has completed his process.

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