All Assam Sanyogi Siksha Karmi Union (AASSKU) Meeting on 9 August

While highlighting their demands, All Assam Sanyogi Shiksha Karmi Union (AASKU) organised a monk in Asom Sarbasiksha Abhiyan Mission campus in Herenrebari in Guwahati on Thursday. SSK demanded that the government adhere to the promises made to them and start the process of restarting them.

The Association of Teachers has informed that in 2005-06, according to the notification of the Governor, at the Sanyogi Siksha Centres, about 10,000 teachers were appointed on merit basis in the form of Sanyogi Siksha Karmis (SSK) on a contractual basis. The Village Education Committee (VEC) and the Tea Garden Education Committee (TGEC) made the selection. Initially, the appointment was for 11 months, and later the term was extended till 31 March 2012. The remuneration fixed was 3000 rupees per month. However, once the contract was over, teachers lost their jobs.

SSK also said that after that the organisation had to come back to negotiate with the government to recruit, but this step failed to provide them a Govt job in Assam.
Talking to the media on Thursday, the President of ASSKU Abdul Kalam said, “The government has given us several assurances that our services will be regularised, but nothing happen till date. The number of teachers was approximately 10,000, but till now only 3,000 of us are left, while the rest have managed their sources of livelihood.

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Under the same guidelines got appointed, teachers of Shiksha Mitra group. However, govt organised a special TET had for them, and they are being appointed by the government. In West Bengal, 75,000 Sanjyogi Siksha Karmis have got regularised without TET. On February 23, 2016, ASSKU delegates held a trilateral dialogue between senior officials of the then Education Minister and Education Department.

On 31st August and 20th September 2017 meetings were held with the Minister of Education, where the Minister had assured that special TET would be organised for SSK. Apart from this, the minister asked him to join the National Institute of Education (NIOS) and complete NIOS DELED course. After that, according to the advice of the minister, 3000 SSKs joined Diploma in Elementary Education course and are currently following it. However, the government is not serious about our issue or is not conducting special TET exams in our interest, “said Kalam.

He further said that keeping in mind the government’s indifference to the government, SSK has started a dharna programme and demanded that in the matter of re-appointment, the government will explain its stand within the 15th of August. If this is not the case, the ASSKU will organise a circle program on the Chief Minister’s residence on 27th August.

The primary demand of ASSKU is that the SSK is appointed as a teacher at the pre-primary level and in schools where provision for supporting teachers is made and make a good result.

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