How to Change NIOS DElEd Study Centre Online –

You can CHANGE NIOS D.EL. ED. STUDY CENTER following these processes.
Most of the candidates are worried about NIOS Deled Study centers. Because, their study centers are too far from their school and their home.

So it is so sad for them to study the D. El. Ed course peacefully.

Therefore, candidates who want to change their study center place should contact the NIOS State Coordinator of their state. You have to provide a valid reason for changing the study center.

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The purpose of the centers is to organize the workshop and submitting the NIOS D. El. Ed Assignment Answers. The Study Center Co-coordinator and State Nodal officer monitor the whole work.

The PCP schedule is arranged state wise and held on Saturday & Sunday. If your study center is more than 40 KM away from their Block, you can send an email. Contact the State Coordinator and State Nodal Officer and request them to change the study center place.

NIOS D. El. Ed study centre

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Many of the untrained teachers are facing problems regarding there study center. Many f the teachers have to walk around 200 to 300KM Distance to reach their Allotted Deled Study Center.

This is very problematic for the teachers for studying their online course of D. El. Ed.

This is why I am writing this post for them who want to change study center. Read this article to know how to Change Nios D. El. Ed. Study Centre online.

I will tell you the process to modify Your NIOS DELED STUDY CENTER.

There is not any Official announcement for modification of the Study Center. But, I have Contacted several officials of NIOS and fond that there is a way to change the study center.


Step by Step Process to Change Nios DElEd Study Centre:

As per the official, there is no information revealed yet about changing the DElEd allotted study center. But there is a Chance to shift the study center when the officially announce that you can Change Nios Study Centre.

However, we have talked with the NIOS Official, and they said to contact NIOS DElEd Toll-Free Number 1800-180-9393.

Call between Monday to Friday at 9 AM to 4 PM and on Saturday its open only till 1 PM. Don’t call on holiday and Sunday.

Tell them your Reference number and tell them you are from which state. The official executive will Resolve your Problem regarding Change Nios Study Centre.


The below process may also help you to get a better result.

You will need to Contact the organizer of your Current Study Center.
You can modify your study center by login on your teacher section (this system is not working now).

That teacher whose study center is incredibly aloof from his house, they can follow these process to change the NIOS DELED study center. Follow our page for daily Latest updates regarding NIOS D. El. Ed.

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