D. El. Ed. Assam First Year Assignment 2018 KKHSOU Download

If you have applied for D. El. Ed. Assam for the upcoming course of 2018, you may want to know about the Assignment of D. El. Ed. 1st year courses. kkhsou d.el.ed 1st year assignment.

I have discussed here about the 1st Year Assignment of D. El. Ed. course in Assam by KKHSOU for the session 2018.

Candidates can also download NIOS D. El. Ed. Assam First Year Assignment 2018 from our page. This copy of Assignment is available in PDF format and you can download the full version from this page.

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You may also want to download NIOS D. El. Ed. Syllabus and Books

I have discussed the assignment in English here. But, you can download the copy in Assamese language for the Assamese medium candidates here.

To download the Assamese medium Assignment of D. El. Ed. 1st year, read this article till the end.

Distribution of Marks for the 1st year Assignment of DElEd:

Here is the distribution of marks for each Courses of D. El. Ed. Assam by KKHsou for the 1st year.

  1. Write question no. 1 of each course in about 1000 words (Marks: 20)
  2. Write question nos. 2 and 3 of each course in about 500 words (Marks: 10)

I have also discussed various courses and the questions for the Assignment of KKHsou D. El. Ed below. Before answering the questions please read the questions and try to understand clearly.

I have given here the link to download this Assignment in Assamese language too. If you are not comfortable with English language, you can download Assamese medium Assignment questions for D. El. Ed. exam from the below links.


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Course Wise questions for D. El. Ed. 1st year Assignment:

Here are the course-wise details of question for the D. El. Ed. 1st Year Assignment by KKHSOU. You should carefully read all the questions before answering. Also read our another page for deled assignment help.

Also download the questions in Assamese from the links given below. You can download D. El. Ed. Assam Assignment in Assamese language from here.

I have also described the guidelines for submitting the D. E. Ed. Assignment here. Scroll below to read the D. E. Ed. Assignment guidelines.



1. Observe closely the children playing in the playground. Based on your observations, prepare a report
highlighting the nature of their participation, involvement, discipline, co-operation and team spirit in the
activities. Explain how these activities contribute in the development of the personality of the child.
2. Describe the various types of play that you can organise in your school for healthy physical, mental
and social development of your students.
3. Study the attitudes and preferences of children in your classroom for selecting friends. Identify the
reasons for selecting friends by them and write a report on it.



1. You are now undergoing D.El.Ed. course. How this professional training course can help you to
become an effective teacher? Write from your own experience.
2. Find out the reasons for absenteeism among students of your school. Write down the measures taken
by you to address the problem.
3. How do children acquire knowledge through different activities and experiences? Write on the basis of
your own observation.


1. Make a critical evaluation of the examination system in your school and prepare a report on it.
2. What are the various ICT options that you can use in your classroom in order to actively engage your
students in the learning process? Explain with examples.
3. Describe the various strategies which you generally follow in your regular classroom for maintaining
discipline among your students

1. How will you conduct the following tests?
a. Spoken test
b. Written test
c. Reading test
d. Listening test
2. Describe the techniques which you would follow to ensure the active participation of your students in
the literature classroom?
3. How can group discussions be a means to attract the attention of the students? Write your response.


1. Identify any four problems that your students face in pronounciation of Englishsounds. Design some
activities to remedy these problems.
2. Design a plan to teach simple Narration in Simple Past Tense in Class VIII.
3. Why the students are not able to read the English textbook properly? Suggest some ways by which you
can motivate the students to develop reading skill.


1. Develop a cultural calendar for your students. Write the steps you followed while developing the colounder and also write the benefit of the calender for your students.
2. How the lack of pedagogical material affects the use of children’s mother tongue in a multilingual class?
Discuss briefly on the basis of your own practical experience.
3. Based on your practical experience as a language teacher, identify the kind of difficulty that your students face during the classroom transaction and how do you solve their problem.


1. Prepare a teaching aid for teaching Mathematics at elementary level in any topic of your choice. Write
how will you use the teaching aid in your classroom.
2. Describe with examples how will you develop the various mathematical skills in your students.
3. How will you introduce the topic “Measurement of Length” in you class ? Explain with examples.


1. “Instruction is a part of English teaching and learning process” – how the instructions help the students
in English learning? Illustrate.
2. “John went to Scotland last year” -prepare a word ladder with the help of this sentence using the first
and the last letters of each word.
3. What do you mean by everyday English? Preapare a table of minimum twenty (20) everyday English
words and write how or when the students use these words.

1. Visit a Yoga centre; interact with the Yoga Practitioners about their concept of Physical stamina and fitness and its relevance to the present day scenario. Write a brief report on this.
2. How Pranayama can be beneficial in the development of body and mind of an individual? Discuss it by
citing suitable example.
3. Sit in a meditative posture and meditate for 30 minutes to one hour. Record your experience briefly.


kkhsou d.el.ed 1st year assignment Guidelines:

You should follow this guidelines of D. El. Ed. Assam Assignment by KKSHou. Please read these important rules to avoid cancellation of your assignment.

Without following these important rules your assignments will not be complete.

So, you should not ignore these guidelines of KKHsou DElEd Programme.

A. Guidelines to Co-ordinators:

1. Assignments are parts of teaching-learning process and compulsory.
2. The spirit behind this is to help learners to understand the subject and prepare themselves better for the term-end examination.
3. Assignment responses are to be evaluated and feedback are required to be commu-nicated to the  learners, by giving back the assignments with evaluators comments.
Such assignments are to be collected at the time of issuing admit cards and be stored in the centre’s office till the end of next year.
4. Assignment marks are to be sent to the Controller of Examinations as soon as the examination routines are published.
5. Keeping the above points in mind Co-ordinators will fix the time/date of submission of assignments by the learners as may be convenient to follow the guidelines in true spirits.

B. Guidelines to learners :

1. As soon as the SLMs are received the learners will write the assignments in their own handwriting (assignment questions may be downloaded from the website, if necessary) to be submitted to Co-ordinators as per the dates fixed for the purpose.Timely submission of assignments at the Study Centres will help in quick processing of results of respective learners. Otherwise this will create unnecessary delay in declaration of results.
2. Writing of assignment ( work ) and submission of the same in time is compulsory.

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