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Another good news for the students of Gauhati University is here. As GU is one of the most important educational centers in Assam, this university always takes care of the students. Some people face problem to get their original certificate after passing a course from this university. Therefore, Gauhati University online certificate is now available for the students.

Gauhati University always serves as the prime education provider in Assam and North-East. At the same time, this university has introduced various courses to make the students educated.

For the first time, Gauhati University Degree or TDC online certificate is available on the internet. You can download the online application form from the link that I have given below.



Gauhati University Pass Certificate Apply Online:

As the process of applying for the online certificate is a new system, you may face some problems. So, I have discussed the whole system step by step in this article. Since the process is a bit tough, you should read this post until the end. Otherwise, you will not understand the process thoroughly.

You may know that this university has introduced online Exam Form Fill Up system. This time, to get the online certificate for your degree/TDC exam or other courses, you have to apply online.

Moreover, you have to pay a charge for your certificate. However, you should make the payment by an online process only.



Fee Payment System for Degree online certificate:

I have already said that you have to pay online to get your exam certificate from the website of GU. Before placing the application, have a look at the fee structure to get the certificate.

To pay the fee, you can use any one option from net-banking, Debit Card and Credit Card.

Another critical thing to note that, after the successful transaction, please print your money receipt. Keep this payment receipt in a safe place. You may need to produce the receipt in future for reference.



Structure of Fee for Gauhati University online certificate:

The University of Gauhati has two options for application of online document. You may apply for a provisional certificate or an original certificate.

While the original certificates are available for the students who have passed the course 2-3 years ago, provisional documents are for the students who have passed the course recently.

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While for Original Degree Certificate you have to pay Rs. 750 a Provisional certificate will cost Rs. 450 only. Please see the below link for the updated fee.

Moreover, the fee structure for different degrees and diplomas are different. The online certificates are available for Post graduation courses, degree courses, diploma courses and all other courses under Gauhati University.



How to Download Gauhati University online certificate:

Shortly, you can not download the online certificate from the website of Gauhati University. On the contrary, you can only apply online for the document.

There are options to apply online on the website of the University to get your desired certificate. As soon as you place your application with the fee, they will prepare your certificate.

After 15-20 days of your application, you can collect the certificate from the University. They have an option to send your certificate by post too.



Gauhati University Original Certificate Application Form:

This process is not only for degree candidates but also for all the candidates under the university.

To apply for the original or provisional certificate, you have to apply online. I have given the direct link here in this post.

As this is your certificate of career, be cautious when applying online.

  1. At first, visit the website of GU – or
  2. Then you have to register for an account. You will get permission to apply after your registration.
  3. The login to the website and click on the option Certificate.
  4. As soon as you click on the certificate button, there will be a page. Read the page and click on “I Agree” Button.
    Now you have completed the primary stage of application.
  5. Your page will redirect to the online application form for Gauhati University online certificate.
    Fill the form with the details. Never input any wrong information on the form.


Complete the certificate upload option.You have to upload your original registration certificate on the web-page. Don’t upload registration certificate more than 50KB PDF) and Mark-sheet more than100KB. Always upload the PDF files of your certificates.
After filling the application carefully, press on the “Submit” button.

After submitting the application form, you will be able to pay the fee. Please note that for further reference keep a print copy of the receipt with you.

Sometimes, the website remains un-serviceable. So, please keep patience. This unavailability is not permanent. As GU hosts the site, we can not help you in this regard.
You can ask your query regarding Gauhati University online certificate in the comment section.

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