How to Improve Writing skills on Descriptive English through key board for NABARD Exam 2016

Improve Your Writing skills on Descriptive English through key board:

English is the most important Paper in the Competitive exams like NABARD. In NABARD Main exam, Writing skills on Descriptive English through key board includes descriptive questions.

The analytical and drafting ability of a candidate will be assessed from this Descriptive English paper. Test will be taken through essay writing, comprehension, report writing, paragraph writing & Letter writing. – 100 marks

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There will be questions carrying 100 marks. So, to pass in this Paper you should have knowledge on Writing skills on Descriptive English through key board on topics like Essay writing, Précis writing, Comprehension and Business/Office Correspondence.

Writing skills on Descriptive English through key board


Reference Book for practice Writing skills on Descriptive English:

Letter and Paragraph Writing : by S. Shyamgopal Seema Raghupathi


Paragraph and Letter Writing : by Latika Banerjee


How to Write Better Essays( Series – Study Guides ) :

To practice and improve the Writing skills on Descriptive English, this book takes the reader carefully through each stage of essay writing from interpretation of the question, to the research, planning, writing, and revision.

The book shows how to improve not just study skills like note-taking, reading, organization, and writing, but thinking skills as well. Readers will learn how to analyze difficult concepts, criticize and evaluate arguments, use evidence, and develop more of their own ideas. This book gives clear practical advice, with a troubleshooting section that deals with a range of common problems.


How to Write Better Essays (Palgrave Study Skills) : by Dr Bryan Greetham

Have you ever wondered why some people can produce a well-structured, relevant essay written in a style that seems to glide across the page with the minimum of fuss? Do you think some people simply have these skills, and others don’t, and that there is nothing.

This book just might change your mind. Addressing each landmark stage of the essay writing process, How to Write Better Essays teaches you how to improve your Writing skills on Descriptive English.

  1. analyse the question and break down difficult terms and concepts
  2. brainstorm effectively and generate your own ideas
  3. evaluate and criticise arguments
  4. express your thoughts coherently and develop your own style of writing
  5. plan and structure your essay from introduction to conclusion
  6. along the way, practical techniques show how to analyse, criticise, discuss and evaluate material, improve your style, revise your final draft and avoid plagiarism. Check in Amazon. in



To score good marks in the section of Writing skills on Descriptive English in NABARD Exam, follow the syllabus and read the best books only.

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