Latest Govt Job in Assam

Almost every candidates in Assam wants Latest Govt Job in Assam . But why?

Because, govt. Jobs are on first place in terms of social respect. No matter how much is your salary, if you are on Govt. Job, everyone will respect you highly.

Private companies offer a lucrative pay structure, but, there are some factors which make people to choose a SarkariNaukri over private sector jobs.

Here I will tell you major advantages to do a gov job.

  • Job Security: This is the most important factor for which our people are eager to get a SarkariSakori. In India, govt job has more security.

Once you get a job you can work there till your retirement. This will give your lifetime income plan. You will get the benefits of govt. sector job after your retirement too.

After getting a position, you may be promoted time to time to a higher post based on your service period and your knowledge to work for the department. Unlike private sector, there are rare examples of get demotions in a govt job.

  • Pay Structures: Pay structures for govt employee are also very good. After the 7th CPC of Indian Government, Govt employees are getting wonderful pay-structure with other allowances.
  • More Allowances: As per rule, you will get some allowances along with your Basic Pay. The allowances include Dearness Allowance, Night Duty allowance, Transport Allowance, Travelling Allowance, Uniform Allowance, National Holiday Allowance and more.
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Moreover, you will get some other facilities like Loan, Festival Advance, Bonuses etc.

  • Working Hours: You know that a govt servant has fixed time table to work. Basically a govt employee in India works for 8 hours a day. If emergency rises, exceeding the working hours will give you extra allowances (Overtime allowance).

Moreover, there are govt holidays on which you get complete freedom to enjoy the holidays. If anyone is booked to do duty on that day he/she will get Holiday Allowances.

  • More Respect: Doing govt job is like to serve the nation. Here you will get paid when doing good for the country or state. A govt employee gets more respect than an employee of private sector. As a govt employee you will get power and position in the society.
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Govt Jobs in Assam


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