SSB Interview Tips with 05-Days Interview Procedure 2018

SSB interview is a tough test series to get a job in Indian Armed Forces. You should practice hard to crack this interview. Crack the SSB Interview with some simple tips and tricks discussed by our experts. Here are the SSB Interview Tips and SSB Interview Procedure for the candidates of Defense job.

SSB Interview Tips and Tricks

There will be a series of tests for five days and you should proof your personality through this interview.

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SSB Centers:

If you are preparing for the interview, you may want to learn about the SSB centers in India.

There are separate centers for each branch of Indian armed forces.

#1 There are 4 SSB centers for Army Selection:

Allahabad, Up Selection Centre East (SCE)
Bhopal, MP Selection Centre Central (SCC)
Bangalore, KA Selection Centre South (SCS)
Ropar, PB Selection Centre North (SCN)


#2 Three (03) centers are there for  SSB Interview for Navy Selection:

Bhopal, MP 33 SSB, Selection Centre Central
Bangalore, KA 12 SSB, Selection Centre South
Coimbatore, TN Naval Selection Board (NSB), Agrani


#3 For Indian Air Force there are 4 centers:

Dehradun, UK 1 Air Force Selection Board
Mysore, KA 2 Air Force Selection Board
Gandhinagar, GJ 3 Air Force Selection Board
Varanasi, UP 4 Air Force Selection Board


You can also join IAF Flying Branch Through AFCAT SSC


Schedule of SSB Interview & Tips to Crack:

SSB Interview is one of the main tests of NDA,  CDS Exam and some of the defence jobs. To join Indian Armed Forces you must qualify in this interview.

Let's Crack SSB Interview

The Ministry of Defense has set up the Service Selection Board (SSB) to undertake the SSB Interview. By this interview, officials check candidate’s intelligence, personality, compatibility, and potentiality for recruitment in the Army, Navy, and Air Force. SSB Interview Tips with 05-Days Interview Procedure 2018 1

The process of this interview is tough enough. You should take advice from the previous SSB Interview crackers. The book Let’s Crack SSB Interview helps you to learn all about SSB Interview Tips and Tricks.

There will be a schedule of five-day interview program to test your personality and intelligence. Attend the spot one day before the date of interview.You should satisfy the interviewers with your intelligence and personality.

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# SSB Interview Tips and Tricks for the First Day:

In the first day of SSB Interview, The interviewers will check your Basic Intelligence by some test and evaluate your verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills on this day.


# Second Day of SSB Interview:

On the second day of the SSB Interview, the officials will take some Psychological Test to evaluate your Ability to self-analyze, your Aim in life and determination.

Through this interview, they will check your thinking and mentality regarding your parents, family, friends, neighbors, teachers, and others. Therefore it is most important to learn all the skills of SSB Interview Tips and Tricks before the test.


# SSB Interview Tips and Tricks for Day 3 & Day 4:

In this stage of tests, the Group Testing Officers (GTO) Activities will be conducted by the officials to evaluate your leadership mentality. They will check your level of capacity as a team player in various situations as well as an individual.

Through this tests, they prove your leadership qualities and the way you express yourself. On the 3rd and 4th days of interview, you will face –

  1. Group discussion
  2. Command Task
  3. Progressive Group Tasks
  4. Half Group Tasks
  5. Group Planning Exercise or Military Planning Exercise
  6. Group Obstacles Race or Snake Race
  7. Lecturette
  8. Final Group Task
  9. Individual Obstacles


# Fifth Day of SSB Interview:

In the fifth day, a conference will be held. This is the day of declaration of results. To reach this stage you have to cross the previous stages successfully.


SSB Interview Tips and Tricks to crack at the First Chance:

Arun Kallarackal says that to crack SSB Interview you should give proper interest to these 10 points-

  1. Know SSB’s Tests And Procedures Inside Out.
  2. Do Good Practice And Form Test-Wise Preparation Habits.
  3. Maintain Good Physical Fitness
  4. Don’t Ignore Current Affairs.
  5. You Should Have Detailed  Knowledge About- India, Indian Politics, History of India, India and its current affairs, Armed Forces in India etc.
  6. Be Honest, Simple And ‘Be Yourself’.
  7. Know Your Native State/Town Better.
  8. Be Aware Of The Tough Climate and Practice to Time Management Accordingly.
  9. Cultivate Confidence, Improve Oratory Skills
  10. Brush Up Your Technical/ Academic Knowledge.


Main Features of the Book Let’s Crack SSB Interview:

This Book is an insight to the procedure adopted at Service Selection Boards, for the selection into the Indian Armed Forces and discusses SSB Interview Tips and Tricks in detailed.

This book is unique in many ways. Right from defining the procedure of SSB interview in a different manner, to having exclusive articles, contents, and points related to Armed Forces.

The book will in all possible ways, guide you in the right direction of glory. Experiences and interviews with previous candidates appeared in the SSB Interview are described clearly to influence the freshers.


6 Reasons to buy Let’s Crack SSB Interview:

  1. SSB interview in a predefined manner.
  2. The experience of successful recommended candidates.
  3. Exclusive content for SSB repeaters.
  4.  Guest Interview with recommended candidates.
  5. Articles on personality development.
  6. Success mantra for each task.


Let’s Crack SSB Interview in the first Chance:

The book by SSB Crack is not only a reference book but your guide to crack SSB Interview. You will get all the information and know how to crack the interview. The book is developing with time. Various candidates and aspirants disclose their experiences to take you the right decision in right time.

SSB Interview Tips and Tricks


Moreover, in the book, you will meet teachings from currently serving officials too.

The book How To Crack SSB Interview contains complete glossary for various types of tests undertaken by the Service Selection Board like Screening Test, Psychological Tests, Group Tasks, Personal Interviews and PABT.

This is an all in one guide for SSB Interview Tips and Tricks.

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