Download Nios DelEd Solved Assignments for 501, 502 and 503

Assamese, Bangla, Gujarati, Kannada, Odia, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil and Marathi

After downloading the language wise nios deled assignments, you have to write suitable answers for each question. You have to write the answers of the assignments as clearly as possible. You may take help from Nios DelEd Solved Assignments to get idea about the format of assignment.

To write the answers to the questions, you should follow some basic rules. These rules are described on the manuals of d. el. ed. course.

Download the solved assignments from the link below. But those answers should be from reliable sources.

Some teachers are distributing solved copies of assignments on the Facebook groups. Some of our in-service teachers are buying the answers from them.

You may also know 6 Months Bridge Course in NIOS for Primary teachers.

But how can you believe that those copies of solved papers are correct? You should look this mater seriously before downloading Nios DelEd Solved Assignments.

Download the answers of solved questions from the the link I have given below.

Answers to NIOS D. El. Ed. Questions:

NIOS has defined some rules to write the assignment answers. You should strictly follow the rules.

Before writing the answers, you should read the guidelines of nios. Because, NIOS will back the submitted assignments which do not follow the guidelines.

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Write the answers thoroughly so that the concept become clear to understand. There are some word limits for the questions. But, maintaining the word limits is not so important. The important thing is to clarify the fact which you are writing.

Also prepare the solved papers on your own handwriting. This is strictly mentioned on the official website of nios that candidates should write the assignments themselves.

To solve the the assignments of d. el. ed. there are plenty of guides by nios and swayam. You are free to use the study materials, books, videos, audios etc for a better answer.

Nios DelEd Solved Assignments format:

You can download ready-made format for nios deled assignments, but do not copy paste them. Actually there is not single format of assignment answers.

The questions may look very easy, but before answering think over the matter for some time. Then bring out the answer which is more elaborating and easy to understand.

  1. Before writing the answer, plan the concept of the answer
  2. Pan the whole answer as some parts. There should be an introduction, an ending and some useful and valuable paragraphs between introduction and the ending.
  3. You need not to enlarge the topic with unnecessary things.


If you prepare the nios assignments yourself, this will help you learn for the 1st semester exam too. You can also download nios deled previous papers to get the question pattern of the exam. Nios D.El.Ed ID card is already published. So, it is time to study hard and get ready for the exam.

Write your nios deled solved assignments as early as possible and submit them to your study center.

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