New: Present Scenario of Indian Agriculture and Allied activities. 06 Things You Must Know for NABARD Exam 2018

If you are preparing for the upcoming NABARD Exam. You should study according to the official syllabus. This post will answer all the questions about Present Scenario of Indian Agriculture and Allied activities.

Present Scenario of Indian Agriculture

#1 Syllabus for Present Scenario of Indian Agriculture and Allied activities:

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An Official Syllabus is published by NABARD.ORG for the Examination for Manager and Assistant Manager for Grade A and Grade B.

You must give special attention to Present Scenario of Indian Agriculture and Allied activities according to NABARD Syllabus. Learn the technical and institutional changes in Indian agriculture and Impact of Globalization on Indian Agriculture.

Best Book to Study-
History of Agriculture in India from AD 1947 to the Present
by Scholler Lallanji Gopal

This book has been divided into two sections: Section I on Agriculture in Medieval and Modern India up to 1947 and Section II on Agriculture in Post-Independence India from 1947 up to the present. Each section focuses on technology, Regional Study, Revenue administration and Produces, Peasant Study, Institutional aspect, Horticulture, Religion/Folklore, Music, Science in Agriculture, Dairy Farming, Policy Reforms, Forestry, and Environment.

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#2 Present Scenario of Indian Agriculture 2018:

This Section includes Characteristics / Status of Indian Agriculture and Present Scenario of Indian Agriculture and Allied activities.

Technical and Institutional changes in Indian Agriculture. Agricultural performance, Issues in Food Security in India and Non-Institutional and Institutional Agencies in the rural credit system.

Recent trends, major challenges in agriculture measures to enhance the viability of agriculture, Factors of Production in agriculture.

Agricultural Finance and Marketing and Impact of Globalization on Indian Agriculture and issues of Food Security

You should have basic knowledge on Concept and Types of Farm Management with definition, meaning and its branches.

Classification of field crops and the Factors affecting on crop production and Agro Climatic Zones.

Various Cropping Systems: Definition and types of cropping systems and Problems of dry land agriculture

Basics of Seed production, seed-processing, and seed village

Meteorology: weather parameters and crop-weather advisory

Precision Farming, various System of Crop Intensification and organic farming

Agronomy its definition, meaning, and scope

Agricultural extensions: Its importance and role, methods of evaluation of extension programs.

The role of Krishi Vigyan Kendra’s (KVK) in the dissemination of Agricultural technologies.

You can study these selected books for Present Scenario of Indian Agriculture and Allied activities for NABARD Exam 2017.


#3 Soil and Water Conservation for Indian Agriculture:

Along with the knowledge of Present Scenario of Indian Agriculture and Allied activities, you should also learn about Major soil types and soil fertility.

Fertilizers, soil erosion, soil conservation, watershed management are the most important topics to study. Successful agriculture depends on healthy soil and water.

Fertile soil and clean water are both renewable resources in natural systems and, when managed properly, can also be renewable resources in the context of agricultural production.

Soil and water are the most required resources for life on Earth.

Present Scenario of Indian Agriculture needs a continual source of water for sustenance and soil is an essential medium for plant growth in most terrestrial ecosystems, providing nutrients, water, physical support, and biological interactions with roots.

Important Book:

  1. Soil And Water Conservation Engineering by Suresh R
  2. Elements of Agricultural Engineering by Sahay J


#4 Water Resource for and Impact of Globalization on Indian Agriculture:

Water resources are sources of water that are useful or potentially useful.

Uses of water include agricultural, industrial, household, recreational and environmental activities.

To improve the Scenario of Indian Agriculture we must give attention to the systems of water resources.

The majority of human uses require fresh water.

The recent realization of the worldwide shortage of fresh water has impelled policymakers to find ways to manage this precious resource more efficiently and wisely.

And thus we can change the Present Scenario of Indian Agriculture with Impact of Globalization on Indian Agriculture.

We should learn about Irrigation Management: various types of irrigation, sources of irrigation, crop water requirement, command area development, water conservation techniques, micro irrigation, irrigation pumps, major, medium and minor irrigation.

Reference Book:
Irrigation Water Resources and Water Power Engineering by P.N. Modi.


#5 Farm and Agri Engineering To Prepare for NABARD Phase II Exam:

Agricultural engineers attempt to solve agricultural problems concerning power supplies, the efficiency of machinery, the use of structures and facilities etc.

This topic includes Present Scenario of Indian Farm Machinery and Power, Sources of power on the farm human, animal, mechanical, electrical, wind, solar and biomass, biofuels, water harvesting structures, farm ponds, watershed management, Agro-Processing, Controlled and modified storage, perishable food storage, godowns, bins and grain silos.


#6 Plantation & Horticulture in Indian Agriculture:

Plantation crops constitute a large group of crops.

The major plantation crops in India include coconut, oil palm, cashew, tea, arecanut, coffee, and rubber.

This plays an important role on the Present Scenario of Indian Agriculture and Allied activities in India. We should bring Technical and Institutional changes in Indian Agriculture.

The minor plantation crops include cocoa.

Their total coverage of this group is comparatively less and they are mostly confined to small holdings.

However, they play an important role in view of their export potential as well as domestic requirements and in employment generation and poverty alleviation programs in the rural sector.

Horticulture also has a great role in Indian agriculture. Definition, meaning, and branches of Horticulture is important to study when studying about Indian Agriculture.

Agronomic practices and production technology of various plantation and horticulture crops. Post-harvest management, value and supply chain management of Plantation and Horticulture crops.



If you have a good knowledge on the above subjects of Present Scenario of India Agriculture and Allied activities 2018, you can easily clear the Phase ii descriptive (Paper i) and MCQ ( Paper ii and iii) exam and qualify for the Interview. we have an easy guide for NABARD Exam too.

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