Swayam Registration Process for NIOS DElEd Candidates- swayam.gov.in

NIOS D. El. Ed. candidates have to register their name on swayam within 30th November 2017. Nios.ac.in has strongly announced this message regarding Swayam Registration by the in-service untrained teachers in India.

If you are a teacher and studying deled course, you are bound to visit sayam.gov.in website to learn online.
Swayam online Registration

You can visit the website without Swayam Registration too. But this will not help to show your interest on studying the online course by swayam.

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Swayam Registration is compulsory for the nios candidates. Your visit to the website will be treated as your attendance on the class.

NIOS has direct contact with swayam and Swayam has declared that they will provide the data of candidates watch time of the swayam website for the online courses to nios website.

So, I have described the process of Swayam Registration on this page. Please read the article to he end and click on the link to register for your candidature.

Courses after Swayam Registration:

The courses hosted on SWAYAM will be in 4 quadrants:

  1. video lecture,
  2. specially prepared reading material that can be downloaded/printed
  3. self-assessment tests through tests and quizzes and
  4. an online discussion forum for clearing the doubts.

Quality of the courses by SWAYAM are top class. They taken various steps to enrich the learning experience. By using audio-video and multi-media and state of the art pedagogy / technology swayam has helped each category of students to get education.

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In order to ensure best quality content are produced and delivered, seven National Coordinators have been appointed:

  1. NPTEL for engineering,
  2. UGC for post-graduation education,
  3. CEC for under-graduate education,
  4. NCERT for school education
  5. NIOS for school education,
  6. IGNOU for out of the school students and
  7. IIMB for management studies.

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How to Register on Swayam:

Fora SWAYAM Registration at swayam.gov.in follow these steps. It will take only two minuets to register. SWAYAM Registration

Step 1: Go to official website on SWAYAM Portal.
Step 2: On the top right corner of the page, click on “REGISTER” button.
Step 3: A new page will open. There are 04 options to register for Swayam. (1. facebook, 2. google and 3. microsoft) click the Sign up now link below the login form.
Step 4: Fill the form giving Username, New Password, and your email address.
Step 5: Now click on “Send Verification Code” An email will received on your email id.
Step 6: Open you email and copy the verification code from there
Step 7: Paste the varification code on the application form in the box “verification code“.
step 8: Now click on “Verify Code“.

Now your SWAYAM Registration process is complete. You have become a member of Swayam learning website.

After registration on swayam, your each visit to this website will be tracked by them and data will be delivered to nios.ac.in.

Now you can login on this portal and access and learn the desired courses.

  1. LIXY CHACKO says

    hai sir, After registration I couldn’t update basic information. what I have to do ? Thank you

  2. Namita Rani Rout says

    Sir, I forgot my username and password.so. I can’t log in. How can I reset it ?


      you should have your registered email id or registered mobile number. so you can reset your login id or password.

  3. Namita Rani Rout says

    Sir,. I forgot my username and password, so I can not login, can I reset it?

  4. Birinchi kumar Baruah says

    I hv given an wrong email id in NIOS registration. (NIOS didnt verify email). now can I register in swayam by another email? Wheather it will make sure the link with swayam?

  5. Rakhi Mishra says

    My registration is done or not. I have tried , please send me a confirmation .

  6. Mh Hossain says


  7. Mh Hossain says


  8. Gias uddin says

    Plz help me I am not regestation of d el ed

    1. Manoranjan Paul says

      please tell in details.

  9. namita sharma says

    Sir I have forgot my password what should I do now

    1. Manoranjan Paul says

      Please click on the link forgot password below the sign in form.

  10. suman kumari Tiwari says

    Sir l have lost my mobile in fire accident.lhave sim only .ldont remember e mail I’d. My mobile 8114512025.Ref.no D120800140.Enrol no 12080000005004.Udise 12080000005.name -suman

    kumari(Tiwari)Dated-13.9.2017.l cant register in swayam .pliz help me?

  11. bosco jemu says

    sir, still i din’t register…what should i do???

  12. bich says

    I don’t understand how do we give exam

    1. Manoranjan Paul says

      You will get all the details from the authorities

      1. Sobuj purakayastha says

        Swayam registation ar date baraiche ni.

  13. Habib Hussain says

    I have bought nios D. EL. ED books from library and don’t want to study online. So will any problem arise for me if i don’t register in swayam?

    1. Manoranjan Paul says

      Registering Swayam is compulsory for Nios deled candidates

  14. Himanshi Matta says

    Can use different email to register in Swayam.gov.in

    1. Manoranjan Paul says


  15. Nironjon Boro says

    How to register swayam

  16. Rajib kumar Rabha says

    Can I correct my enrollment name? My enrollment name should have been Rajib kumar Rabha but unfortunately I had given as RABHA RABHA

    1. Manoranjan Paul says

      please contact swayam helpline tomorrow between 10am to 4pm

      1. sunil says

        last date for online swayam registration

  17. Ashwani says

    What if I am already member of Swayam with same email that I ahve given in D.el.ed registyration. what is the way forward?

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