Career after 12th – Only Top 12 Courses After 12th Arts

As you have got your HSC or 12th Result, it is time to choose a perfect career path and analyze about the Courses after 12th Arts. Choose a course you are interested with.


There are many Free Guides available on the internet regarding the question “what to do after 12th Arts stream?”.But no one can give you the clear answer.

So, we have prepared this article to help the students to choose a perfect career path after their 12th class. Read this article to get solutions to your confusion to choose a career after your 12th Exam.


How to Choose Top Courses after 12th Arts?

There are lots of courses after 12th Arts for you to choose a career after 12th arts stream. I am giving you a clear idea about the various courses you can choose after 12th arts stream.

There are some very interesting and job oriented courses after 12th Arts.


Career after 12th Arts
How to Choose a career path after 12th arts

Which is the Best Career after 12th Arts:

Here is a list of the Best and Top Degree and Diploma courses after 12th Arts –

  1. Bachelor of Arts (B.A)
  2. Hotel Management
  3. Journalism & Mass Communication
  4. Fashion Designing
  5. Animation & Multimedia
  6. Acting
  7. Interior Designing
  8. Textile Designing
  9. Integrated Law
  10. Event Management
  11. B.B.A.
  12. Beautician



1. Popular Courses after 12th Arts is Bachelor of Arts:

If you have passed your 12th exam in Arts stream you can choose BA as one of the options to take admission in. Because this course can provide you a diverse number of options to select from.

You can pursue BA in various fields like –

  1. Geography & Geology,
  2. History Hons
  3. Languages,
  4. English Hons
  5. Fine Arts,
  6. Psychology,
  7. Public Administration,
  8. Philosophy,
  9. Political Science Hons,
  10. Creative Writing,
  11. Economics Hons,
  12. and Sociology
  13. Social Science & Social Work. etc.



2. Fashion Designing Career after 12th Arts:

Fashion designing is one of the top choice career options after 12th class. Bachelor Degree program in Fashion Designing is a good professional course after 12th Arts available for the students.

After successfully clearing their 12th board examinations a 12th Arts stream students can apply for this course. If you are a creative person and you are interested in this field this course is for you. The student can choose and excel in any program like-

  1. Interior Architecture & Design,
  2. Communication Design,
  3. Luxury Brand Management,
  4. Branding & Advertising Management,
  5. Textile Design for Fashion & Interiors,
  6. Interior Product Design,
  7. Jewelry Design, etc.

Top institutions for Fashion Designing in India after 12th arts are –

  1. National Institute of Design
  2. National Institute of Fashion Technology
  3. Symbiosis Center for Design
  4. Northern India Institute of Fashion Technology



3. Journalism & Mass Communication courses after 12th Arts:

Journalism & Mass Communication is one is a job oriented and in-demand course. The Media sector is growing rapidly. Along with the traditional forms of Media like print and TV.  There are various types of online media available these days. Opportunity to get a job in this sector is also good.

You can choose a Degree, Diploma or Certificate courses. If you are interested in communication with other people the this is the career options after 12th for you.

There are various institutes that offer professional courses related to public relations, advertising, marketing, journalism, mass media careers and more.

Some of the best institutions for Journalism & Mass Communication courses after your class 12 in arts field –

  1. Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai
  2. Pune University Department of Communication and Journalism
  3. IIMC, New Delhi
  4. Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore



4. Hotel Management Courses for Arts Stream Students:

This course is considered as one of the best courses after 12th arts. Because hotel management is a lucrative field that offers huge numbers of employment opportunities for candidates in top hotels in India and aboard.

If you are interested in serving others, then this is the best career path for you after 12th arts. There are multiple opportunities for professionals in this sector.

You can get a very profitable job in the Five Star and other high rated Hotels. Hotel management considered as one of the top courses after 12th.

Best Institutions for hotel management courses after 12th Arts are –

  1. Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology, Kovalam
  2. Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition, Hyderabad
  3. International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM), Kolkata

Read here Complete Guide to Hotel Management after 12th




5. Event Management Courses after 12th Arts:

This is a job oriented course. Event Management Course after 12th Arts is one of the Best Courses. After completing BA in Event Management, there are great scopes of job opportunity.

This course enables the students to smoothly organize any kind of event anywhere. This course refines the qualities of the students to infuse in them a perfect blend of excellent imaginative skills. An Event Management Student learns time management, team spirit, as well as communicative abilities. Thus the students become efficient enough to organize, execute and manage all kinds of events.

Best institutions for event management courses after 12th Arts are –

  1. Amity Institute of Event Management
  2. International Institute of Event Management
  3. The International Centre for Event Marketing and Management
  4. National Institute of Event Management




6. Acting Courses for Arts Stream Students:


courses after 12th Arts
Acting as a career after 12th arts


You can join Acting as a Career Path after 12th if you are interested in this field. Acting can give you recognition. There is a large scope of opportunities for this career. So, you can discuss with your family and take a decision when choosing a career.

Some of the best Institutions to teach you acting after 12th Arts are –

  1. Asian Academy of Film and Television, Noida
  2. Delhi Film Institute
  3. Film and Television Institute of India, Pune
  4. The Barry John Acting Studio, Mumbai
  5. Zee Academy of Media Arts




7. Beautician Career after 12th Arts:

As a beautician, you have a good chance to earn money and get a name too. Today, almost all the people are interested in their beauty and fitness. So, choosing a career path as a beautician is a wise decision.

Best Institutions for Beautician Course are –

  1. Nalini Hair Academy, Mumbai
  2. Shahnaz Husain’s Beauty Institute, Delhi, Durgapur




8. Courses of B.B.A. after 12th Arts Stream:

After 12th Arts, you ca do Bachelor of Business Administration. After clearing BBA Course you can do MBA too.

This course will help you to bring to the career path of management. there are huge opportunities for a BBA Student. Big Corporate Houses and Business firms are eager to give you a Manger post if you can successfully complete the course.



9. LLB as a Career option after 12th:

You can take LAW as a career path if you have completed your Board Examination of 12th class. there is a course called Integrated Law Course which can be studied after 12th class.

There are huge opportunities for a lawyer in both private and Govt sector.



10. Career at Animation & Multimedia:

If you are creative and imaginative and you have good knowledge of drawing, you can Choose Animation as your career path after completion of 12th arts.

This is one of the most booming fields of multimedia in India. There are a large number of animation courses available in India like – 2 D animation, 3D animation, puppet animation, clay animation and more.

There are huge job opportunities for you after successful completion of the course.



11. Interior Designing Courses:

Now Interior designing has become a most popular course for the students who have passed their 12th class. If you are interested in designing and have a creative mind, this is a good course for you.

This is a new career path and you have a sound scope to get a job in this field. A professional Interior designer has greater opportunities.



12. Textile Designing after 12th Arts:

After 12th Arts Textile Designing is one of the most interesting and widely chosen courses. Textile designing is a Job Oriented and profitable career path.

If you have the basic skills to suit this profession and have got good marks in the 12 th exam this is a perfect career path for you.



03 Books to choose a Career After 12th:

1. Finding a Career That Works for You: A Step-By-Step Guide to Choosing a Career:

This guide is essential for people who are in the process of choosing a career and finding a job. By teaching how to better understand your interests, aptitudes, personality, and goals, The practical tips are provided on how to find a job in a chosen field.

Here is a guide where to search for available jobs, the best ways to prepare a resume, how to write a cover letter, and how to make the best impression during a job interview.

Filled with personal stories of people who have found work they love despite potentially overwhelming challenges, this book is a road map to finding the perfect career.



2. Congratulations You’re Hired!

If you are a college student who wants the inside scoop and a road map to travel the simplest, fastest, and most direct route to land the job of your dreams this book is for you.

This book breaks through the myths and points you to the career fast lane Read in an hour and put to use today. This career guide is perfect for high school or college students seeking to jump-start their successful career.



3. Building Your Career: A Guide to Your Future

This unique hands-on workbook equips readers with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors required to make effective educational and career decisions.

Using a wide variety of exercises and innovative worksheets, users pull together personal, family/social, and career traits, preferences and conditions, and use this self-information to explore relevant occupational clusters that are presented in terms of both a current and future-oriented workplace.

The workbook moves readers systematically through a decision-making cycle of Awareness, Exploration, Choice, and Commitment.Getting Ready.

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What to do after 12th Arts:

It is true that Life is your and you know yourself better than any other. So, take a decision that can fulfill your dream as well as your well-wishers.

If you are still in confusion, discuss with your seniors and your guardians to choose your career. Otherwise, there is a risk to take a wrong decision.

You can also prepare for competitive exams to get a job after 12th. There are a lot of good jobs including Indian Air Force job and Navy job.

I have discussed all the popular and best courses after 12th Arts in this post. After all, you should ask yourself what to do after 12th arts?

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